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DTG (Direct-To-Garment) digitial printing is the process of using a large format ink-jet printer to print directly onto fabric. Like the ink-jet printer you probably use at home or work, this process is capable of anything from simple one-color prints, to extremely high resultion photo-quality printing. In other words, pretty much anything you want printed on a shirt, hoodie, socks, bandana, pillow case, etc. can be done! There are no color limitations, quantity minimums, or setup times, like you would find with other types of printing methods, such as screen printing. You can order as little as ONE custom printed shirt at a very reasonable cost. This printing method is best for smaller quantities, up to 24 pieces (where our screen printing minimum starts), samples, rush orders, or extremely high resolution prints. DTG printing is typically more expensive than screen printing (per piece) at quantities above 24 pieces, but offers great flexibility and fast turn-around times (as little as 1 day!) for smaller custom orders. 

All Pacific Paradise Apparel DTG printing is done in-house, in our San Diego facility, on a Brother GT-361 printer, capable of printing with white ink on dark fabric. .

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